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Kathrin Rond

Research Assistant

Dr. Kathrin Rond
Building: 23.21
Floor/Room: 02.063
+49 211 81-12534

My research interests include African American, (Afro-)Caribbean and African diasporic literature and culture, feminist theory, postcolonial theory, transcultural studies and poetry.

These interests are reflected in my recently completed dissertation, “Beyond the Bildungsroman: Feminist Negotiations of the African Diaspora,” as well as in my teaching.

My classes at HHU introduce students to African American/African diasporic literatures, issues of race, gender, class and representation as well as transcultural processes of cultural exchange and translation.

My current research project is a comparative examination of how Chicago’s literature and art participate in transcultural, transnational and transethnic processes of cultural and political exchange and translation in the U.S. and beyond.




Dissertation defense

Dissertation title: Beyond the Bildungsroman: Feminist

Negotiations of the African Diaspora

Advisors: Prof. Dr. Susan Winnett and Prof. Dr. Soelve I. Curdts

10/2009 – 7/2018

Ph.D. candidate in American Studies at Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf

2000 – 2009

Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf

M.A. (Magister) in English and American Literature

Minor fields: Medieval English Studies and Media and Communication Studies

Title of M.A.-thesis: “Poetry and Politics in the Works of Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde” (Grade: 1,0)


Work Experience

since 2018

Research assistant (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) Department of American Studies, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf

2013 – 2017

Research assistant (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin), Department of American Studies, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf

2011 – 2013

Graduate assistant (wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft), Department of

American Studies, Heinrich-Heine-Universität, Düsseldorf


Fellowships / Summer Schools

The School of Criticism and Theory 2011 at Cornell University - Participation in Kathryn Bond Stockton’s seminar, “Sexuality and Childhood in a Global Frame: Queer Theory and Beyond”


Academic & Professional Service:

Program Committee MLA International Symposium, “Other Europes: Migrations, Translations, Transformations” in Düsseldorf (23-25 June 2016)


Crossing Lines - Narratives of Passing in (American) Literature and Film (Intermediate 2023; Intermediate 2021; Intermediate 2018/19; Intermediate 2015/16; Intermediate 2013)

Narratives of Enslavement and Their Global Afterlives (Advanced 2023)

`Maybe home is somewhere I´m going and never have been before - Diaspora Experiences in Theory and Fiction (Advanced 2022/23)

Multilingual Literature (Intermediate 2022/23)

Chicago’s Renaissances and the Making of Modern America (Advanced 2022; Advanced 2019)

Reconsidering U.S. America's Origin Story - The 1619 Project (Advanced 2022, co-​taught with Prof. Dr. S. Winnett)

Protest, Rebellion, and Liberation – Where African American and Feminist Poetry Intersect (Advance 2021/22; Advanced 2018; Advanced 2015; Advanced 2012/13)

Begleitseminar zur Ringvorlesung Phänomene der Transkulturalität - Transcultural Studies and Diaspora Literature (2021/22)

Seminar zur Vorlesung "Theorien der Transkulturalität" (2021 & 2020)

"I will not shoot myself" - Slavery, Abolition and Their Afterlives (Advanced 2020/21)

Seminar zur Ringvorlesung - Black Lives Matter: Transcultural Studies and Diaspora Literature (2020/21)

"Poems as Time-​Traveling Devices" - Remembering, Reconstructing, and Re-​Appropriating the Chicago Race Riot in Eve L. Ewing's 1919 (Advanced 2020)

Trans/Nationality, Race/Ethnicity and Gender in Contemporary African-​Diasporic Literature (Advanced 2019/20)

‘Cultivating’ their own voices – Short Stories by American Women (Intermediate 2019/20; Advanced 2012/13)

Framing Blackness: The Representation of the African American Experience on the Big Screen (Intermediate 2019; Advanced 2016/17; Intermediate 2014))

Abductees, Escapees, and Returnees - Pan-​African Migration Narratives (Advanced 2018/19; Advanced 2016; Advanced 2013)

Americans in Chains - How Slavery is Remembered and Reconstructed in American Literature and Film (Intermediate 2018; Intermediate 2013/14; Intermediate 2011/12)

Writing the Diaspora – Captivity, Exile and Immigration in American Literature (Advanced 2017; Intermediate 2011)

American Childhoods – Representations of Children and Adolescents in American Literature and Culture (Intermediate 2015; Intermediate 2012)

Motherhood, Madness and Murder in American Literature and Film (Intermediate 2014)


Modern Language Association (MLA)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien (DGfA)/ German Association for American Studies (GAAS)


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